I’ve attached the presentation from last night. We’re excited about all the upcoming season and having all of you join us! > Feb 19 Presentation

Clothing Order

A couple of things from last night – we’re working on ‘casual clothing‘ – the order site should be up in a few days!  I’d like everyone to consider a warmup jacket, and maybe a t-shirt, shorts, sweats.  It’s great advertising for the club, and really looks good on the road.

Watch the Calendar

We will have a ‘refinish the K-4‘ day at an airplane hanger down in St Paul later in the spring.  This is a poster case for ‘many hands make short work’.  We’ll need to do a quick sanding to smoth the surface in preparation for spray coating it.


There is a slide that describes the fees.  We’ve added a new ‘entry level’ category for brand new paddlers. The sessions are only a month long, and fees will apply to Sprint 1 if kids decide to move up.

Paddle Rental

This applies to Sprint 2 only.  Sprint 2 paddlers should have their own paddles, but we understand this may not work for everyone.  To ensure that Sprint 2 paddlers have good equipment, we’ll have a limited number of paddles to rent for the season, to be returned in the same condition as you got them.

Boat Orders

If you are contemplating buying a paddle or boat, let me know ASAP.  We’ll be ordering Braca paddles in March, and right now is a good time to be looking for boats.  Arndt and I watch the good sources in Canada and the US and can help get a boat that matches you!
Personal boats in the boathouse.  We are working with Ramsey County to take ‘the big step’, with an interim step of a container at the park for a base of operations.  If/when that happens, we’ll have a personal boat storage fee – like every other kayak and rowing club in the country!

Will you be ready?

Finally – we’re planning to be on the water as soon as the ice is out. Time to get off the couch, do your pull-ups, and get ready to go fast!!!

Please let me or Arndt know if you have any questions, concerns, etc.

Think open water!!!

Marsh Jones